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The Tornado Technique

Stephen Meade breaks down the “Tornado Technique”, which is the basis for everything with networking. This simple, five minute presentation is an actionable technique that you can implement immediately. To begin, realize most people don’t care about what you do, or don’t understand it.

USC Film and Entertainment Class: This is a 70 minute session that covers all 10 steps of the Tornado Technique.

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College of Canyons: 2-Hour Presentation on the Tornado Technique which provides an in-depth look at the (10) Steps.

Part (1 of 3)

Part (2 of 3)

Part (3 of 3)

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Customer Development Presentation – Los Angeles Founders Institute – Los Angeles

Stephen Meade (Chairman & Founder of BigBambooLLC, Founder & CEO of Stephen has been asked to speak all around the world sharing his unique insight and wisdom with audiences.

Branding and Naming – UCLA – Los Angeles

Can you control your brand, your message, or your image? Stephen presents how “Isolation is a Good! Thing” for your company. A session for the Founder Institute in Los Angeles.

Vision, Values, and Leadership – Founders Institute – Los Angeles

What is leadership? Stephen Meade presents “Vision, Values, and Leadership” to the Los Angeles Founders Institute

Hiring & Firing – Founders Institutes – Chicago

Stephen Meade gives a Mentor speech for the It’s a great organization headed by@AdeoRessi from San Francisco.


Social Media is Broken

This is an expose and interview about the problems with Social Media, directly as it relates to the disconnect between fans and their ability to find “true” celebrity content. Fake fan sites, gossip and mis-information, and inability to monetize the social media sites are all opportunities to turn the entertainment industry, and social network, on its head.  See the solution offered by OrionNation- our site which allows the celebrity to “Shine Brighter”

*To Learn More, please visit the The BullsEye Guy Podcast, specifically Episode #21

SAG LifeRaft Panel: Marketing Yourself

Stephen Meade speaks on a panel around marketing yourself; hosted by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation interviews Stephen Meade 

This is a show from 1997 called It’s as interesting and funny as the segment was on ecommerce (only $1Billion at the time), and the future of online. We find it even more humurous that Stephen was interviewed for (my online ecommerce venture), and right after him (with a much smaller segment) was Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Many years later, even though Jeff had the smaller part, he certainly got the last laugh!