Power Lunch

Wednesday Power Lunch
On hiatus.

We had attempted to hold this event in Santa Monica in an effort to support the “Silicon Beach” initiatives. However, it was difficult to keep them going on a weekly basis.

If you want to see the write-up and structure of what this was, see below:

BigBamboo, LLC Presents the “Isolation is a Good Thing: Wednesday Power Lunch”

Los Angeles area entrepreneurs now have a regular time and place to visit with colleagues, exchange ideas, and meet new friends. The Wednesday Power Lunch is a free, casual gathering that begins at 11:30 a.m. and ends 1:30 p.m. They will be held at beautiful Redwood Grille in Santa Monica Place.

The goal of the Isolation is a Good Thing: Power Lunch is to provide an inclusive, informal and highly productive meeting point for all parties who are invested in furthering the growth of early stage high tech companies. The format is open networking, in that there are no speakers, topics, or agendas. Just good people and good conversation. It’s a cash bar/food situation where everyone in on their own for ordering. Power Lunch attendees usually include Entrepreneurs, Investors(Angels, VCs, private placement specialists), Service Providers (attorneys, PR experts, executive recruiters), Politicians / Press / Academics, and Corporate Executives.

The Isolation Power Lunch culture provides “facilitated introductions” in which we actively introduce attendees to each other and suggest topics of business conversation based on participants’ key goals. Committee members serve as your hosts and introduce you to other attendees that can help you reach a certain goal. The more often you attend, the better we know you
and can introduce you to people. In addition, we occasionally extend facilitated introductions by pre-inviting and confirming small groups of people with specific interests to accomplish a particular goal.

The Isolation Power Lunch members are committed to sharing their knowledge, experience, contacts, and resources to help each other and the business community as a whole.

Stephen Meade, one of the founders of Big Bamboo, LLC and the program “Isolation is a Good Thing”, explains that the Power Lunch was created to emulate “Bucks Diner” in San Francisco. “Bucks” was packed on any given day with people from all different sectors of industry talking about everything relevant to their businesses and deals.

“We noticed that there was not set location in Silicon Beach for the tech people to gather on a regular basis. Thus we set about trying to create just such an atmosphere. One in which you could accelerate contacts, knowledge, experience and hopefully success.

Redwood Grille is located at 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA 90401. Meetings come with free 90 minute parking and  Wi-Fi connection.