Happy Hour

Happy Hour

The “Isolation is A Good Thing” monthly meeting is an invitation only-affair. It is held in a different location each month.The format is open networking with no vendor solicitation, no sit down dinner, and no packaged speeches or presentations.

The membership is comprised of executives from the five industries listed below. Special care is given to ensure that the invitees are peer level decision makers, interested in making a difference and getting involved in the technology community,and willing to share contacts and resources for the better goal of the group.

Goal: to create a select, controlled, one-on-one environment that encourages communication and reaction among the five groups necessary for a viable tech community.

These groups are:

Entrepreneurs – People who are trying to build the tech businesses.
Corporations – The managers and decision-makers in major businesses in the Los Angeles area.
Investors, Venture Capitalists & Angels – The organizations and people with necessary funding for the tech company.
Service Sector Companies – Consultants, press, professionals, and business incubators
Politicians, Press & Academics – Representatives from the governmental organizations charged with business development; the political representatives with a vested interested in tech growth and the academic community which has provided so many
resources for Los Angeles.

Mission Accomplished – and we are still growing.